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Packaging Material

Construction Chemical

READY RECKONER - Construction Chemicals
S.No. Name Description Coverage Packing
1. PeneSeal CWP Crystalline Waterproofing System H - 1.4kg/sqm, single coat
V - 1.4kg/sqm, double coat
25 kg
2. PlastiSeal Crack Sealer 1kg covers 40 rmt. Of small cracks 1 kg
3. ShaliCem AWP Two Component UV Resistant Cementetious Acrylic Waterproofing 1.5mm thick 2kg/Sqm 20 kg
4. ShaliCem WPC Single Component Cementitious Waterproof Coating 1.5kg /sqm for 1.5mm thickness 25 kg
5. Shalicryl 215 Single Component UV Resistant Elastomeric Exterior Coating 400gm/sqm, for 200 microns dft in 2 coats with self primer 18 kg
6. Shalimar Dam-it Non-Shrink Fast Setting Hydraulic Cementitious Product 5.4 kg covers .022sqm for a depth of 12.7 mm 25 kg
7. ShaliSBR Latex Bonding Admixture for Adhesion & Repairs of Concrete Structures Slurrycoat - 65sqm, 1/2" Mortar - 10 sqm 20 kg
8. ShaliCem EWP Two Component Cementitious Elastomeric Waterproofing Coating 2.5 kg/sqm - 1.5 mm thick 20 kg
9. Shalicryl RWP UV Resistant Heavy Duty Liquid Acrylic Roof Waterproofing 2sqm/Itr - per coat 20 kg
10. STP No 1 Liquid / Powder Waterproofing Plasticizing Admixture L- 100 to 200 ml/ 50 Kg bag of cement P- 500 gm/ 50 Kg bag of cement Powder 12 kg, Liquid 20 ltr
11. haliCrete P R E Single Component Bonding and Waterproofing Acrylic Polymer Coating 2:1; 2 parts neat cement, 1 part supercrete 20 ltr
12. ShaliSeal PS GG Two Part Polysulphide Gun grade Sealant 25mmx12.5mmx1rmt require 0.5kg. (SG 1.5-1.6) 4x4 kg
13. ShaliSeal PS PG Two part Polysulphide Pouring grade Sealant 25mmx12.5mmx1rmt require 0.5kg. (SG 1.5-1.6) 4x4 kg
14. ShaliSeal PU II Two Component Polyurethane Sealant SG 1.3 12 kg, (A-9kg, B-3kg)
15. ShaliSeal PU Single component Polyurethane Joint Sealant SG - 1.3 { reqd. 0.39kg for joint size = (12mmx25mmx1m) } 600 ml (.78kg)
16. ShaliMark Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint 5kg/sqm, 2.5mm thick 25 kg
17. ShaliMark W Cold Applied Water Based Road Marking Paint 450gm/sqm , 300 microns 20 kg
18. ShaliKote AC High Performance Acrylate Based Anti Carbonation Protective and Decorative Coating 5 sqmtr/Kg/ coat, 2 coats reqd. 150 micron 20 kg
19. ShaliKote C Ceramic Epoxy System 150 Gms / Ltr  
20. ShaliKote NES Novolac Based Epoxy for Severe Chemical Resistance 5-6 SqM/Itr., 100 micron dft. 4.5 ltr.
21. ShaliPoxy MIO Two Component Polyamide Epoxy Intermediate Anti-Corrosive Coat 5 sqm/Itr 10 kg.
22. Shatipoxy PS Two Component Polysulphide Modified Epoxy Coating 250 gm/sqm, 2 coats 16 kg.
23. ShaliPrime RC Single Component Water Based Rust Converter Cum Primer 12 sqm/Itr 10 kg 20 kg.
24. ShaliPrime Zn Ph Two Component Anti-Corrosive Zinc Phosphate Primer 5,8 sqm/Itr 20 kg.
25. ShaliPrime Zn R P / R Two Component Anti Corrosive Zinc Rich Primer 5-6 sqm/Itr 20 kg
26. ShahRustOff Chloride/Sulphate Free Liquid Rust Remover 0.12 to 0.15 kg/sqm 20 kg
27. ShaliScreed CC Single Component Curing Compound 150 - 250 g / sqm 20 kg
28. ShaliPrime ERO Two Component Anti Corrosion Red Oxide Epoxy Primer 6-7 Sq.M / Kg per coat 20 kg
29. ShaliPrime Etch Two Component Etch Primer 8-10 sqm/Itr per coat 20 kg
30. ShaliDeck SL Three Component Pigmented Self- leveling Epoxy Floor Coating 45qm/14 kg for 2mm 14 kg
31. ShaliPoxy AR Two Component Acid Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating 0.35kg/sqm; 250 microns 12 kg
32. ShaliPoxy FC Two Component High Solids Epoxy Floor Coating 0.3kg/sqm; 200 microns 16 kg
33. ShaliPoxy WB Two Components Water Based Epoxy For Floor / Wall Coating 0.2kg/sqm, for two coats ; 130 micron 10 kg
34. ShattiPoxy WC LB Two Component Solvent Based Epoxy Wall Coating - Low Build 0.15kg/sqm , for two coats; 100 micron 16 kg
35. ShaliPrime Epoxy HB LB Two Component Epoxy Primer for Concrete Surfaces HB-0.25kg/sqm; LE3- 0.15/sqm 12 kg
36. ShaliScreed SL AS Three Component Self Leveling Anti. Static Epoxy Floor Coating TC-6 sqm/10kg 1mm, BC-4.5 sqm/15kg 2mm, Total thickness 3-5mm P - 12 kg,
B - 15 kg,
1- 20 kg
37. ShaliScreed SL T Three Component Self-leveling Transparent Screed Floor Coating 2sqm/14kg, 4mm 14 kg
38. ShaliScreed SL UL Three Components Epoxy Sett- Leveling Underlay Screed Floor Coating 45qm/14 kg, 2mrn 14 kg
39. ShaliScreed / ShaliScreed 2000 Three Component Chemical & Abrasion Resistant Epoxy Screed 2.2 kg/sqm, per mm thickness 20 kg
40 ShaliUrethane PUTC Two Component Aliphatic Polyurethane UV Resistant Top Coat 7sqm/itr, 75 micron 10 kg
41. ShaliUtrehane SL Three Component Self — Leveling Polyurethane Floor Topping 1.6kg/sqm, lmm 14 kg
42. ShaliBond Concrete Two Component Epoxy Bonding Adhesive / Primer for Concrete 250gm/sqm/coat- Primer, 300gms/sqm/coat- bonding agent 12 kg
43. ShaliPrime Penetration Single Component Aromatic Polyurethane Primer 10sqm/ltr per coat 20 Itr
44. ShaliScratch WPU Two Component Water Based Polyurethane Scratch Resistant Sealer 100 gm/sqm for 2 coats 10 kg
45. ShaliPU TC Two Component Aliphatic Polyurethane UV Resistant Top Coat 6 to 7 sqm/kg @ 75 microns 12 kg
46. Shalimar 456 Epoxy mortar system 250 gm/sqm 20 kg
47. Shaliscreed AS Putty Epoxy putty AS screed appl. 4kg for 8 rmt, ( 5mm x 10mm groove) 20 kg
48. ShaliPlast AE Air Entraining Admixture For Concrete 100mI-300 ml per 200 kg of cement   20 kg
49. ShaliPlast HP High Range Water Reducing Plasticizer 0.4% - 2.0% by wt. of cement 20 kg
50. ShaliPlast P Water Reducing Admixture 0.2% - 0.5% by wt. of cement 20 kg
51. ShaliPlast R Set Retarding Admixture 0.2% - 1.5% by wt. of cement 20 kg
52. ShaliPlast Shotcrete L Liquid Set accelerating and Shotcrefing Admixture 1.5kg-12 kg per 50 kg bag of cement 20 kg
53. ShaliPlast Shotcrete P Powder Set accelerating and Shotcreting Admixture 1 kg - 4 kg per 50 kg bag of cement 20 kg
54. ShaliPlast SP High Range Water Reducing Cum Retarding Admixture 0.4% - 2.5% by wt. of cement 20 kg
55. ShallGrout 50 Single Component Free Flow Non- shrink High Strength / Fluidity Grout 0.0125cum/25 kg 25 kg
56. ShaliGrout 65 Single Component Free Flow Non- shrink High Strength / Fluidity Grout Per 25 kg bag 13.3 Ltrs Flowable consistancy 12.5 ltrs- Pourable consistancy 25 kg
57. ShaliGrout Anchor Two Component Polyester Resin Based Anchor Grout (vol. of hole - vol. of bar)SpGr. , SpGr.=2.2 16 kg
58. ShaliGrout El Two Component Epoxy Injection Grout for Structural Strengthening SpGr. = 1.12 12 kg
59. ShaliGrout EP P Three Component Epoxy Grout For Vibratory / Heavy Equipment Bases   16 kg
60. ShaliGrout EP R Three Component Epoxy Grout System For Equipment Bases   16 kg
61. ShaliGrout IP Single Component Grout For Cement / Mortar / Concrete lkg of powder to be added with one bag of cement 20 kg
62. Shall EMS 700 2 comp. semi-rigid epoxy for filling control and construction joints in indl. & conc. floors 20mmx12.5mmxlm requires 0.3kg 10 kg
63. ShaliCrete High Performance Repair Material . 42sqm/25kg, avg.depth of 1" 25kg , 50 kg
64. ShaliPrime Cem Resin Based Synthetic Primer For Concrete Sealing 10-12sqmiltr 12 ltr
65. ShaliScreed C Polymer Modified Cementitious Repair Morter 30kg covers 1sqm. Avg.depth of 13mm 20 kg
66. ShaliCure Acrylate Single Component Acrylate based Primer for Concrete surfaces 4-6sqm/Itr, for 2 coats 20 Itr
67. ShaliCure PA Paraffin Based Concrete Curing Compound 7-8 sqm/Itr for smooth concrete 20 Itr
68. ShaliCure SS Hardening, Curing, and Sealing Compound 7.4-9.8 scimiltr 20 It-
69. ShaliPrime Acrylate Acrylic Curing and Sealing compound 4-5 sqmiltr 20 ltr
70. ShaliPoxy Kota Grout Three Component Epoxy Based Kota Stone / Tile Joint Filler   20 kg
71. ShaliPoxy Tile Grout Three Component Epoxy Based Tile Joint Filler 50 Running Mtr. For 2mmx5mm, for 5kg 20 kg
72. ShaliTile Glue Fast Setting Dry Set Tile Adhesive Mortar approx. 7sqm for 3mm bedding, per 25 kg bag 25 kg
73. ShaliTile Grout Single Component Gap Filling material Between Tiles varies as per tile & joint size 12 kg
74. ShallSlip Shuttering Oil / Concrete Form Release Agent 20-36 sqm/Itr 20 Itr
75. ShallSlip Emulsion Water based form release agent 70-150 scimiltr 20 Itr
76. Silicon waterpeilar Colourless Water Repellent Surface Treatment 5-6 sqm/Itr 20 Itr

S. No. Nave Sescription Coverage Packing
1. EPDM Vulcanised Rubber 20'x100'; 10'x100' rolls
2. TPO Thermoplastic membrane
3. AquaShield APP APP Modified Membrane with Glass Fibre Mat Reinforcement 1mx10m rolls
4. ShaliPlus APP APP Modified Modified Membrane with 20 micron HMHDEP Core 1mx20m, rolls
5. Superior ShaliPlus APP Modified Membrane with 100 micron HMHDEP Core 1mx10m rolls
6. SuperTene High Performance Self- Adhesive Membrane 1mx20m rolls
7. SuperThermoLay APP APP Modified Waterproofing Membrane with Polyester Reinforcement 1mx10m rolls
8. SuperThermoLay SBS SBS Modified Waterproofing Membrane 1mx10m rolls
9. TarFelt BH / DPC Hessian Based Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane 1mx20m, rolls
10. Tarfelt BS Hessian Based Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane 1mx20m, rolls
11. Tarfelt FG P / R Glass Fiber Based Bituminous Wateproofing Membrane 1mx20m, rolls
12. SuperFlashStrip Aluminum Protective Self- Adhesive Bituminous Strip 10m-50mm,100r 1m x 10m
13. ShaliUrethane LM Single Component PolyUrethane Waterproofing Liquid Membrane 1kg/sqm, 1000 micron 20 kg drum
14. ShaliUrethane FG Aromatic Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane Coating 1kg/sqm, 1000 micron 20 kg drum

Bituminous Products
S. No. Nave Description Coverage Packing
1. CPRX Compound Rubberised Bituminous Adhesive metal, concrete surface 0.5 Itr - 0.58 ltr sqm 20 ltr
2. SEJ Board Bitumen Saturated Joint Filler Board - IS:1838- 1983 part - I 4'x4' 4'x4' sheet
3. Shali Bond BS CS Cold Applied Bituminous Adhesive for Fixing Roofing Felts .5kg/sqm - metal
.7kg/sqm - concrete
18 kg
4. ShaliKote T10 / T 10A Bituminous Cold Applied Clay Type Emulsion 0.4 Kg/Sqm - metal
.5 kg/sqm - concrete
20 kg
5. ShaliKote T 12 /14 Bituminous Cold Applied Clay Type Emulsion T12 10-12kg / sqm
T14 12-14kg / sqm - (6 mm thickness)
20 kg
6. ShaliKote T 32 Bituminous Cold Applied Clay Type Emulsion .8 kg - metal
.6 kg - concrete
20 kg
7. ShaliTex Primer Bituminous Primer for Waterproofing and Damp-proofing 0.30 Ltr / Sq.M 20 Itr
8. TankMastic Bituminous Anti-corrosive Multi-Purpose Coating 8-10 sqmt/ltr 20 Itr
9. TarPlastic Cold Applied Bituminous Compound with Mineral Fillers 10sqm/Itr - metal
8 sqm/ltr - concrete
20 kg
10. Shali XPS Extruded Polystyrene Thermal Insulation 1.25mx0.6m 25, 30, 40, 50, 75 mm thick

SuperThermoLay APP PL/MT

APP Modified WP Membrane with Spun Bonded Polyester Reinforcement


SuperThermoLay APP PL is uniquely formulated pre-fabricated plastomeric waterproofing membrane with spun bonded polyester mat as a core SuperThermoLay APP PL has an excellent resistance to weather and ageing. The core of 160 Grms non woven polyester mat offers an excellent tensile strength, elongation and a superior lap joint strength. The polymer modification of bitumen with Atactic Polypropylene (APP) results an excellent resistance to hot and cold temperatures.

Use of SuperThermolay APP PL forms an impervious, flexible waterproofing layer which can withstand normal movement of structure without showing any deteoriation and serve tor a prolonged period of time.

SuperThermoLay APP MT is coated with mineral t natural gray state on one side with other side remaining covered with thermo-fusibie polyethylene film.

SuperThermoLay APP PL / MT is normally used in protected roofing and waterproofing applications in a single layer system and is also recommended as base layer in multilayer system in venous applications, Including damp-proofing

Penetration @ 25°C
Cold Flexibility, °C
Up to -5 °C
Softening Point, °C
>150 °C
Resistant to aging / UV
Heat Resistance, 120°C, 2 Hrs
No flow
Tensile Strenght, N/ 5 Cm
• Longitudinal
• Transverse
Elongation @ Break, %
• Longitudinal
• Transverse
Tearing Strength, N
• Longitudinal
• Transverse
Puncture Resistance
• Static Indentation
• Dynamic Indentation


SuperThermoLay APP PL / MT membranes are ideal for a wide range of waterproofing applications including Fools, reservoirs, basements, Sunken slabs, tunnels and car parking.

• Total impermeability.
• Excellent resistance to ageing and weathering.
• Outstanding bondability and seam integrity.
• Stability al high temperatures.
• Very high resistance to impact and puncture.
• Simple, single-layer installation reduces labour and error.
• Excellent cold flexibility.

Application Methodology
• Clean he surface thoroughly to make it smooth and free of any foreign material.
• Apply a coat of ShaliTex Primer @ 0.3 Ltrs. per sqm and allow a to dry. In areas of high humidity, the prime surface should be loll over-night
• On the primed surface, start laying of membrane at lowest point of the slope roof l and progress to the higher point. Unroll the membrane half-way, align the side laps and fix SuperThermoLay APP PL / MT membranes by using a LPG torch and applying uniform pressure with a roller/wet cloth to ensure to remove entrapped air, if any. Instead of propane torch, you may apply ShaliPrime APP, if so desired and wherever torching is not permitted or not advisable. If ShaliPrime APP is applied, ShaliTex Primer need not be applied.
• Flame should be moved in shape of '”L”applying about 75 percent of the heal to the roll and 25 Percent to the substrate including the lap area of previously installed membrane. The flame should be moved across the width and upto the lap edge while membrane is slowly unrolled and adhered to the under lying surface.
• Heat both layers of membrane at the overlap and use round tipped hot trowel to seal overlap. Excess compound should be smoothened and pressed into seam using hot trowel. Overlap joint shall be provided of 75mm in longitudinal direction and 100mm in transverse direction
SuperThermoLay APP PL waterproofing membrane shall be finally coated yeah Super Saver Shield for non trafficable roof. For trafficable roof SuperThermoLay APP PL Waterproofing system shall be protected with PCC of 50mm thick/tiles loosely laid or fixed

Health & Safety
• Use goggles, hand gloves, gum boots and nose mask during application.
• Clean hands with warm water alter application.

Rolls are available in 1 Mtr x 10 Mtr in 3 and 4 rum thickness. SuperThermoLay APP PL is also available in 2 mm.

Keep in cool and dry place under shed away from heat.

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